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So, what IS SweetHouse Parties?


Well,  we love chocolate and wanted to turn that into something that could be partnered with creativity and fun.  It’s that simple!  Kids of all ages get excited when they see a SweetHouse chocolate mold - a blank slate ready to be decorated with fun, colorful candy (always provided).  Creativity runs wild when you see a colorful walkway created with Starbursts, or a rooftop adorned with M&Ms.  Lollipop trees are always a nice touch!  The ideas are endless, and no two chocolate creations are ever the same.  We’ve seen thousands of SweetHouse creations and each one is its very own distinctive chocolate masterpiece!   How will you decorate yours?         

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An Idea With A TWIST!

SweetHouse was an idea that started as an alternative.

It all started over 20 years ago with a gingerbread house party!  No disrespect to gingerbread (I personally love gingerbread), but when a few friends decided to get a group of school aged children together to bake and decorate gingerbread houses, it all started out great, but slowly went sideways.  Houses were falling apart, frosting was not quite working out, and the kids were quickly losing interest.  Still fun though as the candy was added and the houses were looking colorful and festive!  Over a month later, not a piece was broken off, and naturally, it became stale.  It turned out, no one really liked gingerbread!  WHAT?  

SweetHouse Parties


Chocolate Christmas houses took off!  Friends of friends of friends started calling to see where they could get chocolate houses to decorate with their children, or have a party of their own, but there  was no place to buy the houses already pre assembled. They had to be molded and crafted, which is time consuming, and not exactly the fun part.  

Beyond Christmas, why not adapt the idea to decorate chocolate Valentine’s houses, or Easter houses, or 4th of July….  The possibilities  were endless, and so were the ideas and requests.   Custom requests (retirement, birthdays, weddings, religious events) started to emerge.  The concept continued to  evolve, and so did we! 

Open for Business!

FAST FORWARD…. The following year we swapped the gingerbread for chocolate, and WHAT A HIT!  The kids loved it, had fun with it, and actually ate it!  There was no turning back! 

Elf Buddies.JPG

In 2012, SweetHouse officially became SweetHouse Parties, LLC and opened a party venue in North Reading, MA.   Our party concept revolved around CREATIVITY,  INDIVIDUALITY, and FUN!  Accommodating all themes, for boys and girls, and even the occasional “Moms Night Out!”  Custom orders, as well as chocolate displays are also part of our specialty line.   In addition, we launched our “Parties TO  GO” model, where you can have a party at any time, at any location, with no minimum.

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SweetHouse creations are not just limited to just themed chocolate houses, we offer an expansive 1D line as well that those little hands love!  

Candy Store Dispensers

We customize candy themes for any occasion, from unicorn houses, to super hero cities, to customized requests like, "welcome to your new home", to chapels, to circus and zoo themes (just to name a few).   We love seeing the smiling faces of our creative customers! 

It's been a SWEET  ride.... 


As of March, 2020 we have exclusively been operating under our “Parties TO GO” model due to Covid-19 restrictions and transmissibility. We are unable to accept on site bookings at this time.  We are very sorry.

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